New series - The Storytellers

Fingerzwerge2I have been looking forward to telling you about this for SUCH a long time. New for 2013, I am thrilled to bring you a new occasional series on this blog, called "The Storytellers." What is it?

I have approached some of the best and most creative bloggers on the Internet and asked each of them to tell a story (or a fragment of a story) for you. I set the parameters of what constituted a 'story' as loosely as possible; I told them they might want to write a piece of fiction, some non-fiction, share a photograph or several, draw some pictures, make a film, write a song... in short, they were free to do anything they liked, as long as it could go on this blog.

Every few months, I'll give The Storytellers a new theme, and they'll create something or share something they've found elsewhere, for you. Their first theme is RESTLESS. Here is a teaser of what some of The Storytellers have created:

} end if, by Ruby Blessing Ada sighed. Some rebellion. Ever since the Red Hats took over, no one seemed to have fun anymore. And it was mostly her fault. Now she was left with the dubious title of Queen of the Revolution, with every coder in the city passing by her table to ask some inane scripting question just to say they had met her.

That restless feeling, by Rhonda Yanitsas We had our belongings scattered across Sydney and beyond... I didn't have everything with me and it felt strange. Everything was so temporary.

Insomnia, by Katherine Mackenzie-Smith The girl lies awake in the middle of the night, her mind abuzz with thoughts of the person she could be and all the things she could do. Sometimes she walks the halls of her parent’s house, trying to calm her mind, and sometimes she stares upwards, watching shadows of the outside world dancing on her bedroom ceiling in the midnight breeze.

A very blustery day, by Gill Harrison I look upon movement in my life with fondness. Nomadic. Wandering. Fluid. Transient. Shall I move our family to Southern Italy? Or paint the bedrooms red? Restlessness signals the delicious stirrings of change.

Are you longing, like me, to find out what happens next? There is much more to come from these and many other Storytellers. Stay tuned this time next week for the very first installment in this new series.

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Photo of practically perfect finger puppets (what a fantastic storytelling aid they would make, huh?) from Knecht Ruprecht Waldorf Dolls

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