Favourite things - everything old is new

In January we like to look forward. The year is given a fresh start, and we embrace it by making promises to ourselves, or others, or setting new plans, or accepting new challenges. But that doesn't mean that the old year (or the older years before that) have lost their value. Sometimes, it's nice to look backward as well as forward. 1. Vintage bikes

IMG_7108_1024x1024In a somewhat heart-breaking moment, I admitted to myself recently that as a new mum, I was not likely to be able to ride my much-loved early 70s canary yellow Speedwell bike any time soon (this bike is not the kind you can modify to include a child cart). It was gathering dirt and dust and looking decidedly neglected on our front porch. So last weekend we wheeled it out onto the pavement in case some passer-by wanted it. A minute later, it was gone. I hope it found a good and loving home. One day when Madeleine is old enough to ride her own bike, perhaps I will treat myself to one of these beautifully restored vintage bikes from Retrocykel, to replace Old Yeller. (Seen first on Frolic)

2. You are already successful

6g00d8341caca853ef017c358e8618970bI rather like the sentiment in this post from Miss Modish. While keeping busy making resolutions and promises, it can be a healthy process (and a kindness to yourself) to take stock of the achievements you have already made, and the promises you have already kept. Yes, each of us is a work in progress. But guess what? You are already whole, my friend. Celebrate YOU today!

3. Old-school crafts

shepherds13Watching people skilled at old-school crafts is like taking a little step sideways and backwards in time. Every time I come across a place like Shepherd's Bookbinders (as seen on Papermash), I think about the time and skill and patience that went into the making of the paper, the stitching of a book's cover, the way it feels in my hands and the way it smells. And it is good.

4. Ten green bottles

6a0120a5c8d9a9970c017c356ad2f5970bOr more. Twenty green bottles, perhaps, or even thirty? Actually, Shannon of Happiness Is is selling her collection of more than TWO HUNDRED assorted antique medicine bottles, German beer bottles and more. I'm not planning a wedding or party and I don't know what I'd do with them, but I must say it is lucky that I don't live anywhere nearby, or I'd be plonking my money down for these beauties, right this minute.

5. Ancient forests

f85b4cb8a945c4b52dbd5f73cfde196dJanee of Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard featured these stunning forest photographs by Jürgen Heckel on her blog earlier this week, and I fell a little bit more in wonder with each new image. I love the sense of mystery, of hidden stories, of so much that is unknown and beyond the photograph that he creates.

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