Favourite things - Oh, sweetie!

Nothing too philosophical about today's collection of five favourite things. They are just all kind of sweet and lovely. I hope they make you think, "Oh, sweetie!" when you see them, just like I did. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. 1. Knitted NYC

CupOfJo-NYCI love these adorable knitted plush toys featuring New York icons, from Oeuf. I may need to order some from Madeleine, because it's never to early to culture a love of New York. Or maybe I'll keep them for myself! Image and inspiration from A Cup of Jo.

2. Fruity messages

TwigThistle-LabelsHow gorgeous would these be in a fruit basket gift for a friend? The friend thinks "Oh yay, fruit!" And then when they go to eat it, they discover special little messages, just for them! From Twig and Thistle, first seen on the Frankie blog.

3. Tea blending party

HappinessIs-TeaIt just sounds special, doesn't it? A tea-blending party. I would LOVE one of these! Take a look at this post on Happiness Is for some wonderful photographs, and recipes.

4. Lizzy & Darcy

MintParcel-PPAdorable! Say no more. (But see more on the Mint Parcel Etsy shop)

5. Monogrammed biscuits

OhJoy-biscuitsNow COME ON. I can't wait to do this for a kids' party. Wouldn't they make fantastic, edible game-props? I suppose one can buy alphabet cookie cutters somewhere, right? As seen on Oh, Joy!