And now for a review of Oh Suivant! by Emily Rose

OhSuivant-1The folks at Arts Centre Melbourne generously sent me two tickets to see Oh Suivant! recently, part of the amazing Summer Season lineup. Only problem was, I'd already made commitments for the same day. So along went Emily Rose in my stead, even though her cousin pulled out at the last minute and she had to go alone (yes I'm looking at YOU, Maggie). Thankfully, apparently the mother and daughter sitting next to Em both had curly hair, so she said it looked like she was part of a family and didn't stand out as a lonesome teenager!

Em loved the show, and even wrote this review to give the rest of us a little taste of what went on. She took these photos with her iPhone, minus the flash.


Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend Oh Suivant!, a charming show, thanks to my lovely step-mum (or as I like to call her, my mamma Na.)

The show was an hour long, light hearted and wonderful comedic experience for me, and all of the delighted giggling children in the theatre. The two stars of the show didn’t utter a word for the duration of the performance but instead opted for expressing themselves through an array of musical instruments and of course, dance. The two performers were sure to include some rather unsure, yet willing and enthusiastic, fathers into the act. Also plucked out of the audience and included in the show was a very shy little girl who enjoyed herself immensely.

Although mostly funny and fairly simple, the male performer demonstrated some incredible talents that had the little girl next to me yelling, “Somebody help him, he won’t be able to get down from all the way up there!” On top of that, the female performer was a very talented piano player!

Oh Suivant! was completely wonderful, and I recommend it to all that are young, and young at heart.