Snail mail: the mail is late

Approximately one million years ago I promised to send copies of my book Airmail to people who subscribed to my blog. You can see some of my past mail projects here. Then life got in the way. "Life" in the form of pregnancy, illness, work, renovating, moving and five months of a little girl who wouldn't sleep at night and would only sleep during the day if I was pushing her in the pram (= zero time to myself. Ever).

But now my pregnancy is almost over (and thankfully the morning sickness is well and truly over), Madeleine is healthy again and spends two days a week in daycare, the renovations are almost done, we have moved into our new house, and a brilliant sleep whisperer alongside my very brave and good girl have given me my evenings back.

So... I sent off my book to five very patient blog readers this week, and enclosed little notes of abject apologies inside. I don't even know if they still read this blog but ladies if you do, pretty mail is coming your way very soon. I hope you like it. And I am VERY sorry to have taken so long.

Mail1 Mail2 Mail3 Mail4 Mail5(Also, not one of them contacted me to complain that I hadn't delivered on my promise yet. Not one. And they would have had every right. People are so kind!)

ps. If you want a book and some pretty mail, it would be my pleasure to send it to you. Just fill in the form on this page. I can't promise I'll be speedy, but I WILL get it done eventually. Promise!

UPDATE 5 July 2014: as of today I have run out of copies of Airmail to send you. However I would still love to send you something nice by snail-mail to say thank you for reading this blog, and I will still do my best to make it look pretty. If you have subscribed to this blog (or you want to), simply fill in your postal details on this page. And if you're still keen to read Airmail, there's a list of stockists here.

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