Snail mail: yours truly

I managed to carve out some time during the past couple of weeks to write some mail and draw pictures on the envelopes, to send to blog readers. I hope these letters find them well, and that they enjoy their little parcels.

I really love sending pretty mail, so if you'd like some just let me know! At the moment, I'm posting copies of my book Airmail to people who subscribe to this blog. It doesn't cost you anything or commit you to anything, it's just my way of saying thanks for reading. 

Yours truly (and all that), Naomi xo

UPDATE 5 July 2014: as of today I have run out of copies of Airmail to send you. If you're still keen to read Airmail, there's a list of stockists here.

ps. have you heard about my new letter-writing and mail-art e-course? 

Over four weeks, I will guide you through multiple methods of making beautiful mail-art and creative, handmade stationery; teach you the art of writing and storytelling; help you forge personal connections in your letters and find pen-pals if you want them; and share time-management tips so even the busiest people can enjoy sending and receiving letters. Register your place or find out more information right here