The madness in the moonless night

josh-pyke-leeward-side1 josh-pyke-leeward-side2'Cause I want to be someone, worthy of your conversationThe madness in the moonless night So shake off your leeward side

And everything that I did or did not do In the miniature of my life, has a lineage back to you...

I've been listening to "Leeward Side" by Josh Pyke all weekend. It such a beautiful love song. The leeward side is the protected side of an island, and Josh is telling his love to "shake it off," to step out into the wind and dance.

The song is about taking risks and, as I've been singing it to myself this weekend, I've been thinking about my own risk-averse personality and some ideas I've been hesitating to try. Maybe it's time to shake off my own leeward side. Perhaps I'll find... I wonder what?