Favourite things - notable paper

Hurrah for Friday! Friday for me doesn't so much mean the last day of the working week as the continuation of the working week, but with the help and company of my lovely husband. And that makes a BIG difference. What does Friday mean to you? Whenever I get the chance on a weekend, I like to write little letters to my friends, and post mail to you guys, like this. In case you're thinking of writing mail for anyone this weekend, or perhaps just a little note to say "hi" or "happy birthday" or, especially, "thank you," here are five ways to make your letters extra special.

1. Stamp your face

Stamp FaceLeave a lasting impression (pardon the incredibly bad pun) with this customised stamp of your face. I also think it would be a lot of fun to have stamps made of other people. Like Nanna and Pop, to grace the invitations to their 60th wedding anniversary, etc.

(seen via Swiss Miss)

2. Birthday cake in the mail

Birthday CakeWhat a fabulous birthday card this would make! Paint up this giant birthday cake (complete with glittering candles) following the tips on You Are My Fave, roll it up, and send it in a tube in the mail. I'd maybe fill the tube with little lollies or confetti or other treats to make it extra special.

3. Vintage photo collages

Vintage CollageTake a leaf out of Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck's book. Sammy creates unsettling and sometimes surreal collages by combining a range of vintage photographs into new portraits and landscapes. I might try it (but less spooky) with old gift cards.

(seen via Honestly WTF)

4. Edible pens

Edible PenAre you a pen-muncher? I was a terminal biro-chewer in high school, my biros were all mangled and dented with teeth marks. Danish industrial designer Dave Hakkens has invented the answer to my (and possibly my pens') prayers: edible pens made with little bite-sized pieces of candy in different flavours. Talk about a homework incentive!

(seen via B for Bel)

5. Photographic gratitude

Thank You CardsThis latest gratitude project on Kickstarter is guaranteed to happen: they've surpassed their target. The idea is to encourage the return of the humble "thank-you" note, using stunning photography, beautiful paper-stock, custom-crafted envelopes, and lovely extras like wax seals and desk accessories. The folks behind this project, Gramr, say they've been researching gratitude, and "the recurring thing we’ve found is that habits of active gratitude are a key to happiness and wholeness." Anyone you want to thank today?

And that, folks, brings us to the weekend. Enjoy!