Postcards for posties


A little while back when we were in Warrnambool, a woman at the post office did us a kind turn (explained above) by coming up with a creative solution when Scout was crying because she couldn't find a postcard to send to her friend.

It was a little thing, but it made the world of difference to my little girl. We were so touched at this woman's thoughtfulness and creativity that, when we got home the next day, I painted up a postcard of my own, and sent it to the Warrnambool post office, to say thank-you.

I'm thinking I should do this more often. There are plenty of other posties I could thank!

For example, at my local post office, I only recently learned that when I send mail-art, if the addressee's country is not written in the same section and colour as the rest of the address, the mail gets returned. But nothing has ever been returned to me and all my mail (as far as I know) has always made it to its destination, because the lovely couple who run the Carlton North post office handle the returns themselves, rather than passing them on to me, and draw circles around the countries to make sure they won't be missed again. I should make them a postcard to say thank-you.

When I sent out the mail-art invitations to my Dad's birthday party, a large number of them all went to the same country town where my Dad lives. Those must have been quite bulky and annoying, en masse, for the poor, hard-working, mountain postie to deliver. I should write him or her a postcard to say thank-you.

So many of our posties go above and beyond to deliver the mail on time. I reckon I could think of at least 10 other posties who deserve a thank-you postcard from me today. How about you?