The business of art

This is an excerpt from a guest post on The Australian Bookshelf. So really, you can just skip the rest and go straight to The Australian Bookshelf. What a good idea! Here's the link >>

Or, you can read on. And so:

It’s a common enough problem. For years, you dream of making a living as a writer, an artist, a musician… whatever creative passion floats your boat. But when your hobby finally becomes your career, the endless deadlines, clients and financial constraints sap your creative inspiration and motivation until you wonder why you entered this industry in the first place.

As a writer that’s certainly happened to me. More than once.

Some years ago, while editing a business magazine, I interviewed Irene Grishin Selzer, a sculptor and the artistic director of jewellery outfit Iggy and Lou Lou. Irene had an amazing capacity to separate out the business and artistic aspects of her career, while maintaining both.

So when Jayne Fordham of The Australian Bookshelf invited me to write a guest post on her website, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of what I learned from Irene for other artists of all shapes and sizes.

So, fellow artists, without further ado: get thee to The Australian Bookshelf to discover the top five tips for remaining an uncompromising artist while still making a living! (And when you get there, leave a comment at the end and say hi and thanks to your host Jayne. She's lovely).