Merry month of May: week 2

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I've just wrapped up Week 2 of my Merry Month of May blog tour, during which time I've tucked a virtual copy of Airmail under my virtual arm and toddled (virtually) around the world, via some wonderful literary blogs. It was a week that featured real magic, some lovely blog hosts and reviewers, a touch of creative inspiration, and bribery with baked goods.
* On Wednesday I perused The Australian Bookshelf, and shared my top tips for keeping that creative spark alive while writing for a living. I took inspiration from a fabulous artist I met a few years back, Irene Grishin Selzer, who maintains this same delicate balance of art and business for her hand-crafted jewellery line, Iggy & Lou Lou.
* Thursday was my day for relaxing in the shade of The Book Tree, where I shared the story of how I first discovered the literary genre 'magical realism', how it enchanted me, and how it helped me see the magic in my own (real) world. The link to this post keeps appearing and disappearing, and I am not tech-savvy enough to know what's going on. This is the link, but if it doesn't work and you really want to read the post, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
* Also reclining under The Book Tree was my lovely hostess Laura, who shared her review of Airmail, and is running a competition to win a free copy this month.
* On Friday, I headed back to 100 Stars or Less, the site of last week's guest post on pen pals, for Erika's review of Airmail. I recommend you pop on over too and give the review a read, not just because she enjoyed the book (which she did), but also because Erika is such a fun and entertaining writer that she takes you on her personal journey of reading this quirky story. Plus, she's also offering a free copy of Airmail.
* Finally on the weekend it was over to Alchemy of Scrawl, where writer and reviewer Coral Russell gave her opinion of Airmail in audio format. I may or may not have influenced Coral's opinion of Airmail by introducing her to the awesome deliciousness of hot cross buns over Easter. I am sure she is above such bribery. It is possible that I am not.
And that's a wrap for Week 2! See you soon.

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