Weekend on instagram

Saturday: a road-trip toward the tropics; surprisingly good latte from McDonalds drivethru; mapping out our next 20 years together while rolling past banana plantations, deserted farmhouses, lovely Queenslander homes and strange monoliths; a birthday party in a house at the end of a country lane; long table on sunny porch, spread with white cloth and strewn with flower petals; warm winter sun gleaming off wine-glasses, quickly drunk and refilled; children playing piano inside; a toddler in the vege patch; crochet cupcake for the birthday boy; dog and chicken sharing scraps; a tropical garden: trees laden with grapefruit, lychees and avocados; jokes and laughter; coffee inside as afternoon shadows lengthen. Sunday: cushions soften the steps of the stone amphitheatre at Bond University, in the company of the famous Aunty Bev and friends; stretch legs, hug hands to hot drinks; and tap toes to the lovely, warm vocals of Nadia Sunde and guitarist Michael Fix as the breeze catches a chill and the sun slides over the lake and into the night.