Meals on wheels - Yogurddiction

Madeleine and I hit up the Yogurddiction truck recently, for some guilt-free* dessert to complement what had developed into an uncomfortably hot afternoon. We struck gold: it was raspberry-pomegranate flavour day on the truck's rotation. There were trees in the distance, so we made a bee-line for them while the heat radiated in waves up from the pavement.

It was definitely a park kind of day. You know those days? Just when you think the sun is going to be unbearable, you find a spot deep in the shade of a leafy tree, sit down, and a breeze suddenly seems to spring up from nowhere.

I slurped up fast-melting raspberry-pomegranate frozen yoghurt and fresh strawberries. Madeleine rolled around on my lap. I tried to feed her but she wasn't even remotely interested because it was much too much fun looking around the park. Instead, she passed the time grinning and laughing and sucking on her toes.

It was pretty much the best way I could possibly think of to wile away an hour.

*Why guilt-free? Yogurddiction frozen yoghurt is made from fresh fruits and other ingredients. It's all natural, and free of artificial flavourings or preservatives. And all the ingredients are sourced nearby, supporting local farmers, and the fruit is hand-picked.

ps. Have you met Mr Burger?