Snail mail: pictures in the post

A little while ago I promised to post copies of my novella, Airmail, to anyone who subscribed to my blog, until the "party box" I have sitting in my home ran out. Lately I've been having all kinds of fun drawing little pictures on the book-packages before I send them out. Here's what I'm popping in the mail this week.

UPDATE 2017: Unfortunately I no longer have copies of this book to send out, but I do host other mail projects throughout the year. The best way to find out about these projects is to subscribe to my free email newsletter, which includes monthly mail-art templates, and the tips, projects and ideas around slow-living activities. 

If you're in the mood for even more letter-writing inspiration, I want to remind you about my letter-writing and mail-art e-course, "The Most Beautiful Letter You Have Ever Written." 


Over four weeks, I will guide you through multiple methods of making beautiful mail-art and creative, handmade stationery; teach you the art of writing and storytelling; help you forge personal connections in your letters and find pen-pals if you want them; and share time-management tips so even the busiest people can enjoy sending and receiving letters. There's also a host of downloadable resources, and access to my own private mail-art pen-pal group. Registrations are open right now, and you can find out more here

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