Meals on Wheels - food truck for kids

931211_254206964722246_294408709_n 969185_254204758055800_718345348_nIn a quest to eat my way through the menus of all the food trucks in Melbourne, I've brought you Po' boys, organic frozen yoghurt, pulled pork, classic burgers, chipotle chicken and loads more, with even more to come. But I've been neglecting a decent-sized portion of our food-truck-eating population: the kids! Enter the Famous OTO. It is a little further afield than most of the food trucks I've been visiting (it's in New York, to be exact), but OH MAN wouldn't you buy ice cream from one of these cute little food vendors pictured above?

Illustrator and animator Måns Swanberg (look for his other work under the name Pistachios) has designed a sturdy playtime food truck for kids, made out of biodegradable, recyclable cardboard. The vintage-style ice cream truck pictured here is his prototype, but Swanberg has plans to develop any number of other food trucks (including tacos, noodles, BBQ, churros, hot dogs, hot rods and lemonade).

This will completely revolutionise the lemonade stall, you mark my words.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, Swanberg now has the funds to get into production, so look out for these little beauties soon.

Can you imagine if there were a few different kid-run food trucks in play at a kindergarten fete, serving up cupcakes and lemonade and fairy bread? The school would make a KILLING (even if the rest of us had to crouch down on hands and knees to make a purchase).

8901_260053430804266_1517377656_n 10750_260113854131557_44123492_n 977427_254205321389077_1837738405_oAll photographs here used with Swanberg's kind permission, from the Famous OTO Facebook page

ps. You can personalise the number plates, too