Free Christmas tea-bag printables

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast year, I painted a little set of four Christmas-themed "tea friends" to hold onto teabags, as gifts for my friends. You can see my efforts here. If I get my act together in time, I'll make some more of them this year and send them out. But I also thought I'd share them with you, in case you'd like to do the same for a very easy (three-step) DIY Christmas gift. Here's how:

Christmas tea-bag printables

You will need: a supply of tea-bags, white card stock, scissors or a craft knife, a stapler, and this template of the four Christmas tea-friends


1. Print the template onto a sheet of white card, in colour. If your printer won't accept thick card, print onto normal white paper then take it to a newsagency or Office Works-type place that will colour photocopy onto the card

2. Cut around the edge of each figure using a pair of scissors or a craft knife

3. Staple the cardboard tag on a tea-bag to the bottom of each figure

You're done! Package up your little Christmas tea-bag figures for friends, or pop one of them into a tea cup and enjoy some Christmassy Darjeeling right now!