Antony_LostGloveColdHandPhoto credit: "Lost Glove. Cold Hand" by Antony, licensed under Creative Commons

This week I lost:

* My diary * The shopping list I'd been working on all week * My notebook, filled with blog and other creative ideas * My street directory * My camera * The wireless trigger I use to play music in the house * My alarm clock * My torch * My address book * The week's weather forecast * A list of recipes I'd been intending to try * My compass * The software I use for real-time Twitter and Facebook alerts * My telephone

In other words, my iPhone died. Whether or not it will resurrect is yet to be discovered.

These days it's not just community we lose with our smart-phones, it's basic household items like clocks and torches and journals, too. Eek! The day the computers decide to overthrow the humans, I am in deep, deep trouble.

The technology-silence would actually be golden, if I wasn't so worried about something going wrong with the children and me being unable to call for help. Does anybody know what sort of coins public phones take these days? And for that matter, does anybody know where the public phone booths actually are? Someone should develop an app for that…