Snail-mail: outgoing lately

img_4303I've been quiet on here but loud on life lately. Thanks for sticking around! The photo at the top of this page is of a stack of antique (100 years old or more) birthday-themed postcards I sent out to folks on Instagram, to help celebrate my own birthday last week. Here's some of the other mail I've posted during the past couple of weeks...

img_3925 ∧∧ This great big stack of letters and aerogrammes

img_4109 ∧∧ Putting Australia Post's flower stamps into a vase

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ∧∧ I was painting King Kong mail and my daughter begged me, "Make him gold?" So.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ∧∧ Dear Australia Post: I am probably your biggest fan and definitely one of your biggest customers, but sending parcels overseas is getting ridiculously expensive. Thankfully, pretty stamps for the win. (Personal budget for the loss)


img_4225 ∧∧ Herbal mail-art for an aromatherapist

img_4142 ∧∧ A little bluebird carrying a message to Estonia

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ∧∧ All those herbs and flowers I've been painting... I thought it was about time to try my hand at some Australian natives


img_4331 ∧∧ This was my attempt at a four-seasons envelope: summer, autumn, winter, spring. Winter was tricky: the white gouache paint I used for the snow-flakes kind of melted into the envelope and turned out more blobby than bright. Onwards and upwards

img_4041 ∧∧ I planted ranunculus corms in my garden in May, and to my delight (and surprise, if I'm honest), they actually grew, and are blooming in abundance

That's all, folks!